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My name is Jaimie, I am a wife to an amzaing husband,and a mommy to my beautiful son who is almost 2. I am a stay at home mom and love every minute of it. I have struggled with my weight all my life and made the decision to change that and was banded on July 28, 2010. My hubby will be banded on Sept. 16, 2010 and we will be "Band"ed Together

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Family

Me and my boys at the beach.

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surgery in 4 days

So this is the wife Jaimie. I am a blogger virgin so bare with me. my husband Jason is really into vlogging on You Tube, you can find him under JayBand22.
 My surgery was scheduled for this Thursday the 29th and I was super excited. And then I got the dreaded phone call that it had to be rescheduled for the following week.... This sucked big time because my mother in law had already bought her tickets to fly out here and my hubby would be going out of town 4 days after my surgery. Knowing that I have a little one at home and am on 4 weeks lifting restriction they were able to fit me in on Wednesday so I can get all the help I need before my mother in law goes home and hubby goes on a business trip. 

YIPPY.... i will be banded on Wednesday July 28
So tonight Jason is taking me out for sushi.... Will I ever be able to eat sushi again.... who knows..... at this point it really doesn't matter..... cuz all I can think about is in a year from now my ass is going to be so much smaller, and I am totally ready to sacrifice rice, bread, pasta and all that jazz, for a smaller ass:0)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So, in the spirit of the World Cup today's blog is going to be about GOOOOAAAALS!!! Sorry...got carried away... Anyway, today's blog is goal setting.

In reading a bunch of other blogs, posts and speaking to the people helping us through (psychologist, dietitian, etc.) it seems wise to not only set weight goals...but size and personal goals as well...so tonight's list of goals is what Jaimie and I came up with post band. Mind you, neither of us have had the band yet, but it is never too soon to start setting goals...right?

Jason's Goals
199.9 lbs - I'm currently about 330 and haven't been at 200 since high school...this is a big goal of mine.
Size 38 jeans - I'm currently in a size 44 jeans and 48 suit pants. Wow! I again haven't been in a size 38 since high school. This would be awesome...and expensive as I would need all new pants!
XL Size shirts - Currently most shirts are size 3XL and I am forced to shop in the Big & Tall section or at Casual Male XL...not fun. Want to shop in regular guys stores again and have ALL clothes in my sizes!!
Booth Sitting - I want to be able to walk into a restaurant and be able to sit in a booth without fear of the table being too close and squishing my belly and being uncomfortable for the whole meal...not to mention embarrassed!
Mirror Looking - Not being afraid to look at myself in the mirror, or windowed doors, or anything that shows my reflection. Now when approaching when of these objects I look down in denial and shame...want that to end.
Amusement Park Rides - Want to be able to go to any amusement park and be able to ride any rides without fear of not being able to ride due to weight.
1/2 Marathon or Marathon - This is a personal goal and on my "bucket list". I have never been much of a runner but this is just something personal I want to prove to myself I can do...and I will.

My wife's goals will be next. She isn't as comfortable "sharing" as I am for where she is currently but she will share where she wants to get to in a number of categories.

Jaimie's Goals
Paint toenails...comfortably! - Phew!! Who else out there has attempted to paint their toenails and had to come up for air after each brush stroke. Not only do you feel as if you are going to pass out, but it takes 4 hours to do my nails!!!
Size 14 jeans
80 lbs. lost - When this goal is attained I want to treat our family to a weekend at Disneyland...which is where we got engaged and will hopefully fit into the rides at that time.
Size 13-14 dress - I want to attain this dress size and wear the new dress to renew our wedding vows in Hawaii.
Hike Silver Creek Falls - There is a great hike here in Oregon where 7 different water falls can be seen throughout a tough, 16 mile hike. I want to accomplish this...without dying!! Ha!!!
Lose the feeling of having to delete every picture of myself off of the digital camera - I currently have to "edit" each picture to ensure I approve of them being posted to Facebook or shared via email.
2 mile walk in 30 minutes - Currently I am doing this walk around the neighborhood in 37 minutes and have set the goal of getting this under 30 minutes.

So there they are...our current goals we are looking to accomplish! These will be posted to our blog and refrigerator with dates of accomplishment...wish us luck!!


Monday, July 5, 2010

The Decision

As stated in the "About Us" section my wife and I have struggled with weight our entire lives. We both have shared embarassing weight stories with one another from our childhood and years past. Such as me being "pantsed" in elementary school because my top button on my pants kept snapping open or her embarassing "fat banana" incident in 4th grade. As I am sure you know the embarassming moments continued far past the age of 13 and far beyond the playground. From having to always choose tables in restaurants for fear of trying to slide into a booth and in the process bruising my liver from slamming it against the "too tight" table. (Aren't clothes supposed to be tight...not tables!) Or gathering Lane Bryant frequent shopper points like airline miles of a world traveler. As I am sure you realize, the stories can go on and on and will be shared in later blogs. But all stories lead us to the inevitable...decision. The decision for a better life for both of us and in turn our family.

After thinking of going the Lap-Band route for some time and then seeing the incredible transformation of a friend who is in the midst of the process the decision became easier...but not easy. When truly thinking of what changes we would have to make we realized that food had become our LIFE. The topics of conversation always revolved around our meals and food! While I was walking out the door I would ask what was for dinner or while she was eating dinner she was thinking of the "goodies' in the refridgerator. Or the excitement I felt when the co-workers would pop into my office and say, "You got lunch plans?" and I would know it would be shear moments before that delicious, 3.5 lb, 1000 calorie Chipotle burrito would be touching my lips. Wow...what were we doing to our selves?

Other deciding factors were the health of our parents. My wife's mother passed away a few years ago due to cancer. Definitely not weight related but her mom dealt with weight issues her life as well. My father passed away last year and while again, not a weight related illness; due to his obesity, he dealt with many complications. One such being sleep apnea that kept him in the hospital longer then expected and inevitably lead to his passing. We did not want to end up like this.

The final deciding factor was our son, Jaxon. He is currently 18 month's old and probably terrorizing the dogs or climbing on the dining room table right now. He could also be chattering any of the 100 "words" he knows such as "bia" (zebra), "bink! bink!" (pacifier), "peas" (please) or "bocki" (broccoli, his favorite food...yuck!). But Jaxon has been one of the biggest reasons why now is the time for my wife and I to take control. We are tired of only being able to chase after him in short sprints due to our hyperventilating, or bending over to pick him up and realizze there is a 50/50 chance we might not make it back to the upright position, or the worst coming home from a long day of work and being too "tired" to play so the time spent is in front of the TV. We want to be here while he grows up, when he graduates high school and when he walks down the aisle one day. We have wanted kids for so long...we don't want to waste the time now that we have this beautiful child on the fact we are so overweight and out of shape.

So, there it is...the decision to move forward with this life changing event. My wife goes to meet the surgeon on Wednesday in one of her final "pre-op" meetings and I start all my appointments tomorrow and finish up next week. We cannot "weight" to get this journey on the way and hope that someone finds this blog helpful or at least humerous while following our journey.

Jason & Jaimie